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Welcome to Forever DGI

This site is intended to bring you information to make your own decisions when considering buying equity, or stock, in companies.  I use a simple yet very effective strategy known as Dividend Growth Investing for my portfolio, where I find companies that are known for raising their dividend payout year over year, and purchase these companies at a fair or under-valued price.  I then plan to hold these companies and collect dividend payments as long as the underlying fundamentals of the company does not change.


Forever DGI refers to Dividend Growth Investing

The Main Idea behind this investment strategy is:

  1. Finding Companies with the ability to create enough Free Cash Flow to raise dividends constantly over the long-term.
  2. Purchase these companies at or below “intrinsic value”.
  3. Hold these companies over the long-term to increase passive income and grow wealth.

This strategy allows you to :

  1. Reinvest Dividends back into the company to buy more shares.  More shares equal more Dividends.
  2. By reinvesting dividends, it also has the effect of “Cost Averaging” your purchase over time.
  3. Later in life, I plan to take the dividends as cash to offset the cost of living, while keeping my principle intact.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser.  This site contains statements which are opinion and should be only used for entertainment purposes.  I am not responsible for decisions you make, as you are not responsible for mine.  All outside sources of information found on this site will be clearly labeled, and linked if possible.  This website contains general information and should not be used as a recommendation for purchase of any security, mutual fund, etf, or any other investment.

2 thoughts on “Forever DGI

    • There are many investment options these days. Many options are risky but it is your job as an investor to decide your risk tolerance. Our “Circle of Competence” should be understood and applied to mitigate risk in every investment we make. Thank You for your comment.

      Warren Buffett’s belief that an investor’s best strategy is to select an area where they can know significantly more than the average investor (called their circle of competence), and focus their efforts on that area.

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